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Battle Beast

Titel / Title Unholy Saviour 
Label Nuclear Blast 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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In the still young year of 2015, Battle Beast from the Finnish capital, Helsinki, present their third full-length album Unholy Saviour. The bombast opus starts with Lionheart, a song (especially the melody) that reminds me a bit of Grave Digger. It´s not bad but it´s not really good either. Next up, is the title track, Unholy Saviour, with which the band scratches but not yet crosses the red line between good bombast sound and the over-the-top, cheesy version of it. Nevertheless, it´s one of the better songs of this album, with its nice melody in the chorus. I Want The World And Everything In It and also the following Madness are the only real highlights – they are slightly less bombastic and much more straight-forward, frontwoman Noora´s raspy rock voice really comes into its own here. Sea of Dreams, a super-sweet ballad, gives me the sugar shock I managed to avoid after the X-mas holidays. Then, it all goes downhill. Speed of Danger is tolerable but then follows the cheesy Touch in the Night - a disgusting attempt to win over the discofox faction of any large-capacity disco as fans – it really sucks. The Black Swordsman is a one-minute ballad, which leads into the subsequent Hero´s Quest, an instrumental gallop, flanked by synth fanfares, and very soundtrack-y. The final Angels Cry also makes me cry bitter tears – but not for sentimental reasons. What a piece of constructed, calculated and at the same time uninspired crap. It´s well-produced, yes, but nowadays, when everyone, with the right software, can produce a well-sounding album on his or her home computer, this should be the smallest problem. All in all, it´s much too cheesy and obviously kissing up to Sabaton´s audience.

Björn Schmiterlöw

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