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Jorn Lande & Trond Holter

Titel / Title DRACULASwing of Death 
Label Frontiers Music  
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Two years have passed, since Jorn Lande released his last record. Spoilt fans already started to worry because usually they are treated with a new masterpiece every year. But now it´s clear why Lande took a longer break from touring and recording. And the wait was worth it – Jorn Lande and his new guitar player, Trond Holter (Wig Wam) created something very special.

“Dracula – Swing of Death” is a modern re-narration of Bram Stoker´s Dracula movie. Who doesn´t know him Vlad Dracul? The lord from Wallachia, whose wife committed suicide because she thought her husband was dead. He abandons Christianity and is cursed to live as an undead. Walking on earth for all eternity, forever longing for his one true love. Jorn Lande and Trond Holter now accompany this story with music.

The first thing you can say is that the songs are far less complicated than Lande´s other songs. They are still great anthems, though, guided by beautiful guitar and piano parts. You can hear that Trond Holter has been playing a big part in the compositions, the entire record is interspersed with all those neverending, repetitive guitar solos. But, as he plays it very well, even I don´t mind them - paired with Lande´s unique voice it´s an unbelievable hearing pleasure. Not to my taste is, however, Lande´s duet partner, Lena Fløitmoen Børresen (who already sang with WigWam, too). She might sing her parts well but I think a more rock-y voices instead of her Musical/Pop vocals would have fitted better to someone like Lande. Veronica Freeman or Amanda Somerville, for example, yes, even Tarja Turunen can do rock. Maybe the production wouldn´t have needed to lay a hundred-fold echo on her vocals to make it sound better. As for my part, I have had enough of those run-of-the-mill pop singers, who think they are rock singers but sound like Britney Spears.

Even though I, again, don´t understand the choice of guest singers, it´s an awesome record with high-quality songs. Ten points for Jorn Lande and Trond Holter, minus one point for the guest singer.

Sandy Mahrer

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