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Papa Roach

Titel / Title F.E.A.R. 
Label Eleven Seven Music / Warner ADA 
Total run time
Vö/Release26 Jan 2015 
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Papa Roach blasted their latest creation into my auditory canal and it will stay there for a while. The majority of the songs in F.E.A.R groove, have some hooks, intelligent texts and fat riffs –in short: the most are catchy tunes going round in your head.

Singer, Jacoby Shaddix fought with alcohol and drug addiction and doesn ´t shy away from self criticism; this is already clear in the first track „Face Everything and Rise“. No excuses, no whining, a lot of clarity and a kick in the ass to all who let themselves go and pity themselves. Apart from this cool message, this is a versatile, powerful hard rock album, which harmonizes with rap and electro elements. Especially “Face Everything and Rise”, “Skeletons”, “Fear Over Me” and “Fear Hate Love” are tracks that don ´t let one sit still and there is nothing to complain about them.

Papa Roach managed to make an emotional song, „Never Have to say Goodbye“, that is full of self-reproach, but without self pity and sends a positive message. It ´s just good! Fair enough, the ballad “Love me till it Hurts “ is the obligatory bit that ´s a bit boring, even if the text isn ´t as bad as the title suggests.

„Gravity“ initially reminds me of Eminem, but it changes pretty fast and together with Maria Brink (In This Moment) in the booth, the Californians come out with a really listenable song, even if it isn ´t among the stronger songs of the album.

In „Warriors“, the rapper Royce 5´9, who was unknown to me until now –as rap isn ´t really my cup of tea- makes a very short visit to the album. Due to the various electro elements as well as the melody and tempo, it feels more like technotronic. The song seems to dance out of beat and in my opinion it, along with “Love me til it Hurts” and “Gravity” are the weak link in the album that could have got full points otherwise.

Samira Alinto

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