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Titel / Title Decadent 
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``Decadent`` is already the 15th studio album from (U.D.O.). In the past years many changes happened in the band, not in terms of music, but in terms of personell. The two guitar players Stefan Kaufmann and Igor Gianola quit or were forced to quit the band, and now also drummer Francesco Jovino has left.

Maybe it is due to these line up changes, or maybe it is a new rule that there must be a weak album after the release of a strong one. While ``Steelhammer`` with its mixture of powerful U.D.O. smashers on the one side and untypical ballads on the other side was a real great album, ``Decadent`` is sheer disappointment. That reminds me of the situation with ``Dominator`` (great) and ``Rev-Raptor`` (boring).

Actually the album begins quite well with the opener `Speeder`, a typical uptempo U.D.O. song with nice riffing, enriched with some synth melodies. The following title track is also well-done, especially because its groovy chorus is quite different from many other U.D.O. songs. But the following 10 songs are more or less boring. Average riffs meet weak choruses. Guitar leads, which could bring some more colour in the sound, remain mostly absent. The only hapless attempt to make the songs a bit more versatile is the use of technical gimmicks, for example the distorted Mickey Mouse voice in `Mystery`. Needless to say that this attempt fails in most cases. All in all there are only 3 more tracks (`Pain`, `Secrets in Paradise` and `Words in Flame`) which are ok. Only ok - not more, not less.

This is, to be precise, not enough to satisfy the expectations the fans can have of an idol like Udo Dirkschneider. There should be other bands releasing such an average album. Maybe Udo should reconsider his 2 years releasing schedule and rather wait with a new release until a sufficient number of strong songs have been written. He regularly shows that he and his band can still write great albums - but only every 4 years!

Timo Pässler

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