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State Urge

Titel / Title Confrontation 
Label Lynx Music 
Total run time
48 min 
Vö/ReleaseJanuar 2015 
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Rock from Poland. What´s up in the neighborhood? From what we hear, progressive rock enjoys great popularity there. And in this field State Urge from Gdynia plow their ground. After their first album in 2013 "White Rock Experience", which received extensive attention in Poland, now follows the present "Confrontation".

From the first note the move towards classic Pro-rock areas is clear - complex and varied structures with distinct melodies, psychedelic-romantic mood and some orchestral pathos including sacred organ sounds and jazz rock fragments determine the compositions. Interest in the 70s can not be denied. What to this time was avant-garde, is today a retrospective reflection on the strong and essential sides of European progressive rock music.

The album is very energetic and builds up pressure - in spite of a pleasure to bath in details and in long instrumental passages - and continually surprises with ideas. Clear singing in English, solemn lead guitar solos, gentle piano Keyboard parts and floating keyboard-carpets are rolled out with relish creating a rich, atmospheric sound and supported by an accentuated bass. Some have reminiscent of German productions of the 70s as from Grobschnitt, Novalis, Jane and Eloy, who in turn based on Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Yes and others.

According to the band, it goes from the lyrical concept about the difficulty of important decisions in a man´s life, who reacts the conflict in open confrontation with his environment. Anyway, it is, however, a closed atmosphere, which is developed by the excellent musicians. A story is told and pulls the listener in its spell.

The last line of text is "nothing can bring me down" - so obviously, that story has a happy end - the album does it as well. As an audio example: ”Liquid Disease”

1. Confrontation [3:59]
2. Revival [4:26]
3. Liquid Disease [7:10]
4. Cold As A Lie [5:47]
5. Midnight Mistress [8:31]
6. New Season [5:12]
7. Before The Dawn [4:00]
8. More [10:12]

Marcin Bocheński - percussion
Marcin Cieślik - vocals, guitars
Krystian Papiernik - bass
Michał Tarkowski - keyboards

Andreas Torneberg

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