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Paradox Now

Titel / Title this is neon 
Label Bigger Than Blue Productions 
Total run time
48 min 
Vö/ReleaseApril 2015 
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A funky bass flirts with the groovy synths, plus a crazy rock guitar - "No Compromise" pulls effective the auditory meatus on the dance floor. The next song follows first surprisingly quiet and atmospheric with a pinch of Shoegaze, but then turns to be rocking. But the synths do not weaken the already battered from the first song impression of a `80s Miami Vice cocaine Disco Feeling.

"Had We Walked Down" gets a little Gary Numan sound to it. "Give, Take, Enjoy" starts in the direction of Prefab Sprout a well-mixed electro-dance-jazz, but then switches back the level to rock. In "Be A Good Soldier" progressive hardness copulates with funky pop, observed by the sequences of a chilling thinker at the bar.

The debut album of the Zurich Quartet Paradox Now invites clearly for fun, flirting with various styles, brings them together to swing and cut them again into their components. You never know what´s coming: the 80s synth chords meet 70s e-guitar solos melted with catchy club mix sound gambling a game of indie rock in between. The relaxed voice of Pablo Rodriguez, slightly nasal, melodic, clear, sometimes electronically processed fits well with the overall sound and copes very well the partially tricky hooklines.Die band calles it "Hybrid Rock".

For all the experimentation the tunes remain audible harmonic, rhythmic supple and smooth and nothing of the varied ideas leave anything to be imperfect. Avant-garde meets modern design with retrospective winks. This music is like a tasty fruity cocktail mixed with exciting, subtle nuances. Shake well, enjoy, depend.
And to get a taste here the video: ”You Want Some More”

1. No Compromise
2. Everybody Floating
3. Had He Walked Away
4. Don´t Back Down
5. You Want Some More
6. Give, Take, Enjoy
7. The Last On Earth
8. So I Fought The Sea
9. Be A Good Soldier
10. Pretty Neighbor

Andreas Torneberg

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