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Terror Empire

Titel / Title The Empire Strikes Back 
Label Nordavind Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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It is simply unbelievable that this is the first album by Portuguese band, Terror Empire (they had only released an EP before). Unbelievable because many things work on it! The guys play Thrash Metal, which sounds like a mixture of The Haunted, Sodom and Sepultura - not very creative but definitely well-made. The guitar riffs work like a saw, the variable drumming sets some nice accents and the excellent guitar leads and solos bring some color into the sound. And, by the way, the sound is just great: Powerful but always clear. There are other, more professional bands that dont manage to sound that great.

Besides all the pros, there are also some points of possible improvement: Especially the choruses could be much better because they are neither remarkable nor memorable. And also some variation in terms of vocals and pace would be nice. I could imagine that a slower track in the middle of the album (maybe with acoustic guitars) would give the album more dynamics. But, we are talking about the difference of a good and a very good album. Bottom line: Both thumbs up for this release!

Timo Pler

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