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Titel / Title Reach out to Rock 
Label Sun Hill Production/ Cargo Records 
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Swedish band, Reach, first attracted attention in 2013, with their rock cover version of Aviciiīs Wake Me Up. Since then, their video ( received more than 1.2 million views on YouTube. Now, the guys from Stockholm finally finished their debut album and many are curious what it will offer as the pre-released single, You Called My Name, didnīt reveal too much.

Drummer Marcus Johansson and guitarist and former Swedish Idols participant, Ludvig Turner, who both also play in Adrenaline Rush, got together in 2012 and formed Reach. The band is completed by David Jones on bass and singer Alex Waghorn. Soundwise, the main focus is on the drums and the guitar; Ludvig really does a great job playing guitar but sometimes he runs the risk of drowning out the singer. Speaking of vocals, Alex Waghorn is a solid and very good singer. So, there isnīt much to criticize. Maybe he could dare a bit more next time, on this album he sounds a bit restrained. Then again, itīs the bandīs debut album and so, naturally, they want to play it safe. Itīs very excusable. All the songs are great; they are well-done, typical mainstream hard rock songs in the style of Europe, Eclipse etc. My personal favorites are Tell Me and Looking for Love.

Maybe a tiny bit more power would have given the songs more edge. But Reach is, surely, one of the most promising newcomer bands in the Hard Rock genre, in years. Now, we have to wait and see what the future brings. But this album is a must-have for every Hard Rock fan.

Sandy Mahrer

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