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Night Demon

Titel / Title Curse of the Damned 
Label SPV, Steamhammer 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Night Demon are, at the moment, very successful in Europe, especially in Germany, touring mostly smaller clubs. But they also easily vow bigger crowds, like, for instance, at the Metal Assault festival, where they outplayed better known bands. Back in 2012, the three Californians from Ventura (by the way also home to Cirith Ungol) lay the foundation for their success with their excellent, self-titled EP. Now, they build on that foundation with their first full-length album, The Curse of the Damned.

The Curse of the Damned is full of traditional Heavy Metal, heavily inspired by NWoBHM. There´s absolutely no filler on this album. All our old heroes are honoured like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Angelwitch, Saxon and the Scorpions, without mindlessly copying them. No matter where you put the needle of your record player, the speed metal-y opener Screams In The Night, the Iron Maiden-esque title track or the fucking awesome Full Speed Ahead, every track showcases Jarvis Leatherby´s, Brent Woodward´s and Dusty Squires´ passion for their music and the heart and soul they put into recording this album. Everything works perfectly together, the earthy production, the simple but effective songwriting, the cover artwork and the song arrangements. Jarvis´ charismatic but pleasant voice is the icing on the cake and thus, I have listened to the vinyl (which has one additional song compared to the CD) at least twenty times in the last few days. My verdict: Go and buy this record!! This band surely has a bright future ahead. I only give nine points because I don´t know how I should top it when they release the follow-up.

Björn Schmiterlöw, transl. K. Gransalke

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