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Titel / Title Return From the Dead 
Label Hell Awaits / Radar 
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Slaveyard are pretty young stars in the Melodic Death Metal sky. The band formed only last year and now they release their very first EP titled “Return from the Dead”. The three songs on it are a foretaste for the hopefully soon appearing debut album from the Germans. Slaveyard might not bring a fresh breeze to the Death Metal scene but all in all the guys are not bad at what they do. Good growls meet high screams and sometimes melodic guitar parts. Here and there, the guitar and bass parts could harmonize a bit better, and the drums seem to be running ahead of the guitar too much. But, as a whole, this first release is worth a listen. Of course, three songs do not reveal too much about the band´s true abilities; especially because all songs sound similar. Vocalwise, however, there´s a lot of variety. I´m curious to find out what they will offer on their first full-length album. Maybe they could add a few more unexpected elements to their music here and there, to get that fresh breeze blowing. But it´s definitely a good start.

Sandy Mahrer

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