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Bury My Regrets

Titel / Title Embrace Overcome 
Label Thousand Times  
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„Embrace Overcome“ is the first album from Bury My Regrets. The guys hailing from Mannheim, Germany, formed the band in 2011 and, ever since, have played countless shows, also with a few bigger names of the Hardcore scene. Their debut contains eleven songs and the guys tried to make them sound as diverse as possible. I honestly have to say that Hardcore is not really my favourite type of music but the guys approach it in a way that I like – this is especially true for Sven´s clean vocals. However, growls are not his strength, I´ve heard much better and more powerful growlers but the clean parts are excellent – if he does them. Unfortunately, not every song has those clean vocals but in my opinion the songs that feature both clean and growled vocals are the best ones. But changing vocal styles throughout the album just adds to the diversity of their music and that´s a good thing. Music-wise, there´s a lot on offer: there are typical hardcore sounds but also more quiet pieces. I can´t say anything bad about this record, everything is well-played, although there is real chaos here and there. Bury My Regrets surely are one of the better newcomers in the HC genre and they will make their way, I´m sure about that. Even though it won´t make me a fan of this music.

Sandy Mahrer

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