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Mors Subita

Titel / Title Degeneration 
Label One Man Army 
Total run time
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Frustrated by recent Soilwork releases, and you think that In Flames are nowadays too soft / too Hipster for you? You like 80s Thrash but hate those high pitch siren screech vocals? Well, so the Finns Mors Subita offer the right CD for you!

The opener Degenerate might appeal a lot to Pantera fans - and the band could sell it as alarm clock tone for cellphones / smartphones, the sheer vibrations of this high speed / high octane track kicks anybody out of their beds... Raw energy, racer-sharp riffs and Eemeliīs rough growls dominate the songs, yet the band manages to add melodies and grooves. Therefore itīs difficult to pinpoint a "hit" of this album or to list favorites, because every single one of those 10 tracks has ear candy value. No matter if itīs more groove, less speed (End Complete, Reform), punch-in-your-face Thrash (Turmoil - another candidate for alarm clock tunes, by the way) or if more complex arrangements are offered (World Separated, Cult of Mischief). This skillful mixture of Melodic Death and Thrash, keeping catchy tunes and virtuosity in a nice balance, seems to be the major talent of Mors Subita. Apropos virtuosity, guitarero and mastermind Mika Lammassaari should be mentioned here whose soli contribute to create the bandīs trademark sound, and this slightly-Prog instrumental interlude "Release" adds a nice touch. ( HERE our interview with Mika).

Summing up, a remarkable album and another Finnish band you should pay attention to. No degeneration here, right the opposite.

PS: Finnish Inferno magazine offers a stream of this album, you can check it out yourself here:

Klaudia Weber

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