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Titel / Title Madsen 
Label Universal Music 
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The first impression: 5 youngsters, guitars and German lyrics - we have plenty of those already. Or do we? Surprisingly enough, upon listening to the album, one has to admit that this quintet is not so easily pushed into the typical German emo-rock corner, like one would suspect going on the above mentioned information. You really get the impression that these guys rock - raw, aggressive and full of energy. OK, here and there they slow down a bit, but the alternation makes the whole very interesting. Finally a band that doesn't enjoy whallowing in self-pity, but moves staight forward. One that doesn't limit themselves to imitating German "virtues", but who adds a dash of international rock 'n' roll to their music. We can only hope that they won't go soft on us in the future. Listening tip: "Die Perfektion".

Lisa Stegner

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