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Magic Kingdom

Titel / Title Savage Requiem 
Label AFM Records 
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I honestly have to say that I haven´t heard of Magic Kingdom so far - even though this band has been around since 1999 and released three records. But as they present a new singer on “Savage Requiem”, I think we can press the reset button. Magic Kingdom is the project of the Belgian Dushan Petrossi, who acts as composer and guitarist of the band, dedicated to Symphonic Speed Metal. So, the listener can look forward to 5 to 8-minute songs, fraught with unnecessarily many guitar solos. Listening to the CD conjures up childhood memories, it reminds me of those annoying video games sounds like in War Helicopter. The compositions are very complicated, given the length of the songs there are very few lyrics and the main focus is on the guitar. Egocentric guitarist, who puts himself in the limelight - that´s what I would call it! A guitar player alone does not make a band and if he really wants a functioning band, he´s well advised to step back a bit and let the others have their moment in the spotlight, too.
For new singer, Christian Palin, who lives in Helsinki and did vocals for Adagio and now also for his own band, Random Eyes, singing these songs must have been a difficult job. I know what he´s capable of and I honestly have to say that his vocals in Random Eyes are a thousand times better and more suitable. On Savage Requiem, he can´t really show his true skills and it´s not even his fault – Petrossi´s compositions are just, sorry to say that, horrible! Surely, he´s a great guitarist and the band tried to get the best out of the songs but for me it is pure chaos and WAAAAAY too much guitar! I want to hear some vocals and not a 6 minute string orgy. Technically, Savage Requiem is not bad and there´s even one or the other nice melody line but for me, it´s too much chaos. You can still buy the record – not because of the music but because of the nice artwork!

Sandy Mahrer

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