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Hot Mama

Titel / Title Re-Earth 
Label Fastball Music 
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Two years ago, I reviewed Hot Mamaīs debut album, Downloader. Now, their second album, Re-Earth, is out and again, it is praised to the skies by the promotional department. Back then, I said that the much praised vocal power of singer Sonya turned out to be quite weak, actually. In the meantime, the band surely matured and found their very own style. But somehow I canīt anymore find that harmonic connection between the music and the vocals that made the debut worth to listen to. Regarding the instrumentation, Hot Mama are doing quite alright but together with the vocals, every song turns into huge chaos. Although Sonya tries to experiment more with her voice, it really doesnīt make it much better, it makes it worse. No idea what happened but compared to their last album, Re-Earth is for me an epic failure. Itīs really a pity because I thought they would go into the right direction but this Alternative Metal chaos is really not for me. Pure chaos, a total disaster! The four points are only for the well-played instruments and the one, two songs, or parts of them, that are a tiny bit less bad than the entire rest of the album.

Sandy Mahrer

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