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Fin Gren

Titel / Title Propaganda für’s Paradies 
Label Grenland Records/Zimbalam 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Fin Gren, former singer of Agitpunk band Gesocks, offers his first solo album with “Propaganda für’s Paradies”. Right from the start with the first song “Schattenmann”, it seems like he wants to step on everyone’s feet. From the Popakademie to critics, everyone gets their turn. That calls for proof that he’s able to do a better job than those he is singing about and in the beginning I’m not much impressed. The lyrics are somewhat bulky and on first listen, I only like the two bonus tracks provided by Johanna Pfeifer. Still, I like Singer/Songwriters and the music is interesting enough to warrant a second listen. Somehow I get stuck on “Sie hat ihr Herz verloren” and find myself smiling because the lyrics are so clever. In the end, the lyrics manage to convince me. The self-proclaimed “redneck-poet” manages to mix directness with poetry, straightforward, but full with words between the lines. Often he is talking about love, but looks at it from many different angles. All in all, it’s an album worth listening to, especially for those who are willing to let it grow on them. As for Johanna Pfeifer, I’d like to say I would love to hear more from her.

Wenn die kalten Tage kommen
Wirst Du mich vermissen, wenn ich geh
Sie hat ihr Herz verloren
Immer wenn es traurig wird
Vom Dach der Welt
Wir feieren das Leben
Lass dir Zeit
Karma auf Kredit
Am Ziel vorbei – Johann Pfeifer – Bonus Track
Der Fluss steht mir bei – Johann Pfeifer – Bonus Track

Stefanie Oepen

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