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Lord Of The Lost

Titel / Title Swan Songs 
Label Out Of Line Music 
Web www.lordofthelost.de
Total run time
93 min (2 CDs) 
Vö/Release03 / 2015 
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Orchestrally the Hamburg Goth Metal Rocker Lord Of The Lost have wrapped thirteen of their most successful classics such as "Six Feet Underground", "Afterlife" or "Credo" with piano, harpsichord, harp, organ and string ensemble in a classic garment; but have composed to this acoustic, for the big stage predestined fundament also eight brand new songs like the sad-beautiful "Annabel Lee". Luxurious mellifluousness and opulent melting melodies have proportionately always been part of the style, in the context of "Swan Songs" can tonal pathos and catchy melodies even more increase.

Their metallic hardness deprived, the Rock n Roll character revoked, free from physical dance mode, the band concentrated on a complex compositional design, enriched by a lot of various details. New musical horizons behind a sea of melancholy open fully before the ship, directed by Captain Harms, whoms deep, dark and sonorous voice rolls out the swan songs as a plush, velvety red carpet, but not without morbidity, merges with the warm sound of the strings and let the specific charisma develop.

The constantly increasing and reached through tireless work success curve of the Hamburg band, which already did an altitude flight by their last studio album "From The Flame Into The Fire" in the previous year, will certainly get through this acoustic orchestral work new food, although possible hardcore Headbangers stand in front of the challenge to let a peaceful, gentle and very harmonious sphere in their sonic experience. For all others, specifically for those who like to hear classic music as well as for the disciples of debauching Gothic streams should find a lot of enjoyment and pleasure in this album.

1. Six Feet Underground (Swan Songs Version)
2. Dry The Rain (Swan Songs Version)
3. Beyond Beautiful (Swan Songs Version)
4. See You Soon (Swan Songs Version)
5. Go To Hell (Swan Songs Version)
6. Antagony (Swan Songs Version)
7. Love In A Time Of War (Swan Songs Version)
8. October 29 (Swan Songs Version)
9. Prison (Swan Songs Version)
10. Till Death Us Do Part (Swan Songs Version)
11. Afterlife (Swan Songs Version)
12. Sober (Swan Songs Version)
13. Credo (Swan Songs Version)

1. Porcelain
2. Lost In A Heartbeat
3. Annabel Lee
4. So Good It Hurts
5. This Life Divided
6. The Sands Of Time
7. If Johnny Cash Was Here
8. Somewhere

Andreas Torneberg

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