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Clerks, The

Titel / Title Planet Orange 
Label Wolverine Records / Soulfood 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits veröffentlicht 
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What a mixture: instrumental pieces succeed each other accompanied by English and German lyrics. And every now and then there is some ska, complete with OI!-s, thrown in, reggae rhythms and swing hymns á la Fred Astaire. Not one song is like another on this album. It's hard to believe that all the songs on this album were played by the same band. The carefully balanced alternation in the singing between a male and a female voice runs through all the songs like a red thread. Besides that the motto is: variation all the way!
Some people will find this album annoying, others will love it. Music fetishists with a love for experimentation and all-round fans of the above mentioned genre should definitely take the time to check this album out.

Lisa Stegner

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