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Hardcore Superstar

Titel / Title HCSS 
Label Sony/ GAIN Sweden /Nuclear Blast Germany 
Total run time
Vö/Release22. 04.2015 
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With „HCSS“, the Swedish Party Rock band par excellence, Hardcore Superstar, release their tenth album. Inspired by a demo they recorded in 1994, Jocke Berg and his men sat together to write new songs – go, so to say, back to the roots and show the fans where they actually come from. And one thing I can say right away, the new album came out just fine. Maybe, the album doesn´t have this one, stand-out song, at least not after listening to it once, it is still way more harmonic and coherent than the previous album, C´mon Take On Me. For me, the band has focused too much on Party Rock in the last years; somehow they must have felt pressure to always come across as cool rockers. But, with their new song, Fly, for example, they prove they can also play quieter tunes and they do it well and with a slightly psychedelic twist. Despite preferring the sound of their new album over the enforced party sounds of the past, I miss real highlights on the album; for me, at least, it´s quite monotonous. I´m looking for the icing on the cake but can´t find it. The songs are all of a very high quality and I really like listening to them – the guys´ performance is excellent. It´s certainly not their best album but it is surely one that deserves a place in your record collection. For me the strongest songs are Fly and Touch The Sky.

Sandy Mahrer

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