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Titel / Title Virtual Crime 
Label Bakerteam Records 
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„Virtual Crime“ is the third album from Slovakian band Tristana. Even though I havenīt heard from the band so far, they apparently opened for genre big names, like Paul DiAnno, Blaze Bayley and the Scorpions. The band has been around since the turn of the millenium but they went through a longer break when the bandīs singer left the band and the rest of the band didnīt want to simply replace him. He came back 8 years ago and since then, the band has been active again. Their latest release even features vocal contributions from Rick Altzi (Masterplan, At Vance) and Chiara Tricarico (Temperance), who both did a decent job. Musicwise, Tristana play Alternative Metal, with influences from all sorts of different genres. Sometimes, they use clean vocals, at other times, they try some growling. The latter does not work so well, even though it fits nicely to the music, in general. Singer Peter Wilsen might not be the best singer but his switches between clean and growled vocals are pretty alright. If heīd always sing the way he does on Lost The Whole Life, I would even call him a great singer. His English pronunciation is not perfect but this only makes him very likeable. The tracks Fallen, Bloody Snow, Wasted Time and Jannieīs Dying turned out especially well and, music-wise, one canīt say anything bad about the band. One or two things could be optimised, though, like the finishing touches, for instance, but Iīm sure the guys are already working on it. This is perhaps not the best album of 2015 but itīs very interesting to hear this kind of music from Slovakia. Fans of Alternative Metal with epic influences should check this band out.

Sandy Mahrer

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