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Lunatic Soul

Titel / Title Walking on a Flashlight Beam 
Label Kscope / Mystic Production (Polska) 
Total run time
62 min. 
Vö/Release10 / 2014 
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Mariusz Duda, vocalist of the Polish band Riverside, has presented another solo album of his project Lunatic Soul: after three previous albums ("Impressions", "Lunatic Soul I", "Lunatic Soul II") follows here the "Walking On A Flashlight Beam".

Once again the listener will be captured by dark, spherical ambient sound, in which after slow increase the instruments and the melancholy voice of the singer like in Oldfield´s Tubular Bells chime in. Who didn´t know until now about Lunatic Soul: In addition to the ambient character are impressions by Dead Can Dance with a pinch by Tangerine Dream and mixed with some kind of Anathema gloom. But Lunatic Soul has its own world, takes you into a realm of unreal imaginations, tunes for the soul; comparisons don´t hit the point.

The album speeds up; on a hypnotic Kraftwerk-synth loop are driving the drums, on it the longingly echoing, partly distorted voice, and other disruptive distortions generate contrasts beside the beautiful harmonies - before the next song offers an oriental ethnic sound with accentuated bass lines and wonderfully melodic vocals, enhancing to become almost funky. Sounds full of depth and perspective to relax, to dream, to think, to get mesmerized. This also shows the length of the pieces, which in the case of "Pygmalio´s Ladder" are full 12 minutes and is designed here very varied; next psychedelic sequences and acoustic guitar parts foams driving rock the structures.

The album is about people who have turned away from social life and prefer a solitude, people who even on bright sunny days let the curtains closed and become immersed in a world of external phantasies from books, movies and games. In a world of trance and dark.

One of the most intelligent, introverted, musical pearls from Poland.

1. Shutting Out The Sun (08:40)
2. Cold (06:58)
3. Gutter (08:42)
4. Stars Sellotaped (01:34)
5. The Fear Within (07:10)
6. Treehouse (05:31)
7. Pygmalion’s Ladder (12:02)
8. Sky Drawn in Crayon (04:58)
9. Walking on a Flashlight Beam (08:11)

Andreas Torneberg

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