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Faith No More

Titel / Title Motherfucker + Superhero (2 Singles) 
Label Ipecac 
Total run time
3:30 + 5:15 min. 
Vö/Release11/2014 + 03/2015 
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As in 1998, Faith No More dissolves, there was an outcry by the fan base. But singer Mike Patton showed little later plenty of other musical ambitions that could not correspond with Faith No More. The demand for the snotty-punk crossover rock band remained subliminally and smoldering in the world. When Faith No More 2009 for a concert tour teamed up again, the fans cheered and the critics shook their ears.


"Motherfucker" makes since the end of 2014 the harbingers of the coming album "Sol Invictus", which will be released in mid May 2015. After 18 years, one of the most successful rock bands of the 90s has now actually thrown back into the creative pool and starts a new era of Faith No More. The single was released as a limited edition of 5000 pieces on 7-inch vinyl and includes the song as well as a remix by J.G.Thirlwell on the B-Side; the release is also available as mp3 or streaming on the internet.

With "Motherfucker" appetite is aroused, but in a reserved way, a little gloomy and dark, without to whip the horses. The lyrics are fed by keyboardist Roddy Bottum as rumored chant in the rhythm, in which the actual front man and charismatic engine of the band Mike Patton slowly falls in, then pushes the lead vocals as the blaring refrain to the front: "Get the motherfucker on the phone ... "


The second appetizer followed in March 2015, the single "Superhero", also on vinyl and digitally on the internet. The song is more powerful than "Motherfucker" and remembers much more of the old Faith No More roots with hard adrenaline pulse-drumlines. Patton screams his aggressive lyrics and breaks through with clean vocals. Further characteristics are a simple, catchy guitar riff, driven by a hard pumping bass. The whip cracks.

On the B-side is the "Battaglia" remix by Alexander Hacke, a member of Einstürzende Neubauten. Hacke removed all the rock elements and instead created with oriental drums and wind instruments a dramatic scenario.

Welcome back to the great rock`n´roll circus, Faith No More! Let´s see, if the "old masters" still have power in the bones and what they can hurl among the people – this is what particularly those will ask, who since the mid 80´s to late 90´s have been the contemporary witnesses of the aggressiv-colorful stylistic surprise party of the band - and who were fascinated and enthusiastic by this.

Andreas Torneberg

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