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Titel / Title Kickstart Riot 
Label Rambo Music 
Total run time
Vö/Release22. 04.2015 
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„Kickstart Riot“ is the first album from Swedish band Midway. Not much is known about the foursome, hailing from Stockholm. But they played a few bigger festivals, such as the Emergenza festival in Sweden. When looking at the guys, I would have actually thought that I was in for the typical Swedish Hardcore Superstar-like party sound but to my positive surprise, their music is totally different and doesnīt sound typically Swedish at all. And thatīs a compliment! The guys are dedicated to 80s Rock. You can hear that they didnīt experience much of those times themselves but their music is a really awesome. Who wouldīve thought that inside those guys hide real soft rockers, who do a great job here. Itīs very hard to compare them to other bands. But the listener certainly gets great guitar melodies, well-played bass lies and driving drums. Plus, singer Leaf has a great voice for this style of music and he knows how to use it in the best possible way. For those, who like party sounds, I Donīt Care 2 is the right song. Considering the fact that this is a debut album, the guys really did a good job and I can only say: Listen to it, you wonīt regret it.

Sandy Mahrer

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