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The Birdwatchers

Titel / Title Pretentia 
Label Flowerstreet / Rough Trade 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Every year in spring and fall, new CDs pile up on my desk for review, usually so many that I don´t even bother with the EPs among them. However, the first batch I got this year was not for me and I kept looking for the one that would convince me I hadn´t lost it yet and there was still new music out there that would grab my attention from the start. With “Pretentia”, I finally found it. The perfect mixture of guitar-driven rock, containing pop and folk elements, with melodies that could worm their way into anyone´s ear and lyrics that make me want to sing along. The Irish/German band, The Birdwatchers, has set out to conquer the world of music and I sincerely hope I´ll hear more of them soon. The five songs they offer here show a nice variety of music, singing and instrumentation that other bands don´t manage on a full album. The opener “My Heart Is Electric” almost has an Electro feel too it but mixes that with driving drums, almost grungy guitar riffs and a du-wha background choir. “Pretentia”, the title song has a distinct Rock feel with lyrics screamed out, while I´d put “Into the Wilderness” somewhere between Folk and Rock. “I´m Waiting For It” sounds somehow very familiar, but I can´t say which song or band it reminds me of, only that it immediately got stuck in my head. The closer “Won´t Let You Go” is a soulful ballad. All in all, an interesting album with only one fault: there are not enough songs on it. Give it a try!

My Heart Is Electric
Into The Wilderness
I´m Waiting For It
Won´t Let You Go

Stefanie Oepen

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