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Bernhard Eder

Titel / Title Nonsleeper 
Label TRONrecords / Solaris Empire 
Total run time
64 min 
Vö/Release03 / 2015 

An intimate, quiet album for the silent, the thoughtful, for those who, sitting motionless and even sleepless at a table, explore the dark. Some, no, many might find that boring. You must be able to enjoy the reduction in snapshots that are described here in the fifth album by the Viennese Bernhard Eder.

Funky cheerfulness is not the program, even the - also visualized as a video - relatively agile "Turn on" is one song which drives with a little more speed. You can spend the insomnia at night with party or dance, Bernhard Eder spends it on “Nonsleeper” with doubtful, melancholic inner walks and pours this emotional tension into a sort of quiet, dreamy chamber-pop full of beautiful harmonies. There appear comparisons to the very blue, atrabilious Eels; although the clear, high and almost feminine voice reminiscent of Sigur Rós. Other clues one can discover for themself, but Eder has his own expression and his sense to change sadness sensitively into beauty.

The minimalism in the songs, as well as the instrumental purism, invites to concentrate, to listen carefully. Music means to let soul sounds of others into the own experience, which is sometimes made with the hammer, here rather with a melodic quiet whisper that lets the air out of time and pulls the listener into the shadows.

01: Bird away
02: Deeper
03: Turn on (Video at YouTube)
04: Nonsleeper
05: The desert and the wind
06: In confidence
07: In Vain
08: The queen and the knight (Video auf YouTube)
09: Inside Joe Hill
10: The great gig under a rose-coloured sky

Andreas Torneberg

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