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Titel / Title The Puritan 
Label Despotz Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Nightrage are originally from Greece - originally because there is only one Greek left in the band: founder and guitar player Marios Iliopoulos. This has been Mariosī sixth Nightrage release since 2003 - a quite large number. And large is also the number of former band members, involved with the albums: itīs 11. Also this time, there were some lineup changes: Ronnie Nymann is the bandīs new vocalist.

To be quite honest, it has been some time since I last listened to Nightrage, so itīs not easy for me to compare the vocal performances of now and then. But his harsh vocals definitely are good fit to the dark, heavy and thundering Melodic Death Metal. If you turn up your stereo, the wall of sound will simply blow you away. I really like heavy and brutal sound but in this case, it is a bit too much because many details of the lead guitars are killed by the sound.

Regarding the songs, there is light and shade. The opening double, The Puritan and With a Blade of a Knife, are definitely from the light category. Fast riffs meet nice leads and catchy choruses. But after these tracks, the quality gets weaker and weaker. Foul Vile Life has a nice chorus, at least, and Son of Sorrow nice riffing but the rest is more or less redundant. Only the final Kiss of a Sycophant is another strong one. So all in all, The Puritan is more or less average.

Timo Päßler

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