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Titel / Title The Stand 
Label ---- 
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Vö/ReleaseJanuary 2015 

For me it is great that many bands have re-discovered good old Bay Area Thrash, and Freedomination is one of those you should keep (at least) an eye and both ears on. The Finns have definitely developed their own trademark mix of Thrash with Power and Prog Metal elements. The Stand inspired associations to Megadeth, Annihilator, Metal Church, but also Savatage or Dream Theater, and I am just talking about the title track... moreover, there´s mastermind Timo Ahlström´s (u.a. HORRORFEAST, KILJUVELKA-70 or ARCHITORTURE live) versatile voice with recognition value. This self-released EP is a teaser for the debut album which will be released this year (hopefully). Fans of all mentioned genres and bands should check it out, and you can listen to the tracks on the band website!

Timo Ahlström - guitar/vocals
Mikko Turunen - guitar
Otto Luotonen - bass
Jukka Ahlström - drums

Klaudia Weber

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