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Titel / Title Noita 
Label Nuclear Blast 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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It´s hard to believe but in the past 12 years, Korpiklaani have released 8 albums – and here comes number 9. What sounds like Finnish assembly line work reveals itself as exactly this. Although the band creates quite a unique sound, with their violins and accordions, this is not a guarantee for good songs. What´s left if you subtract these two instruments? Just average metal music with one of the worst professional vocalists I´ve ever heard. The folky instruments cannot make the songs any better either because they are mostly used without any variation. Instead, they simply imitate the vocal lines and some melodies. That´s not very creative! The longer I listen, the more I wish they use these two instruments less.

But not everything is bad: The opener, Viinamäen Mies, has great „Hey! Hey! Hey!“ shouts, which will work well in every Heavy Metal disco worldwide; the first single, Lempo, has a great melody and Mina Näin Vedessä Neidon breaks the typical song structure and brings some variety to the album. But all in all, this one is average, maybe enough for a newcomer, but definitely not for an experienced band!

Timo Päßler

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