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Titel / Title Terror Audio 
Label Scarlet Records 
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Evildoer is a new thrash/death attack from Sweden, that follows in the traditions of many successful bands. You can hear influences from bands like The Haunted, Terror 2000, Carnal Forge and last but not least Slayer. "Terror Audio" contains ten musical wrecking balls, characterised by speed and aggression. The five guys from Sweden are tight as hell and let no grass grow under their feet. And it was definitely worth their while recording their debut in de Berno Studios in Sweden, because the sound is very convincing. Towards the end of the record it gets a bit tough. You get the feeling you've heard this before and the band is running out of new ideas. A bit more imagination would have been nice at this point. But who knows what the future will bring.

Timo Pässler

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