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Emerald Sun

Titel / Title Metal Dome 
Label Fastball Music 
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Throughout the last years, Emerald Sun have become esteemed members of the Greek Metal elite. Metal Dome is the bandīs third album. Their sound is somewhere between Metal and Power Metal and Steliosī voice is often accompanied by vocal choirs - maybe to cover up the fact that he is not the best singer. He might reach pretty high notes but the sound of his voice is, at least for me, not very pleasant to listen to, especially with the high notes. Like you would expect from a band of this genre, there are long guitar solos spread over the entire record.

I actually knew Emerald Sun before reviewing this record and I have to admit that, so far, their music couldnīt really touch me. Unfortunately, this new record wonīt change my point of view either. Yes, the songs are technically well-played but somehow they donīt touch me on an emotional level. Freedom Call makes me listen a bit more closely and hope that it gets better but no, there it is again, this typical singing and the same song structure again and again. Thereīs absolutely no excitement here. The only songs that stand out positively to some extent are Mere Reflection, a ballad, and the nice duet with Liv Kirstine (Leaves Eyes), Call of Nature. Played on an acoustic guitar and featuring a flute melody, it manages to generate a great atmosphere, and the voices harmonise, too. Maybe the song couldīve been placed more in the middle of the record, to break the mould.

Sandy Mahrer

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