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ER France

Titel / Title The Great Escape 
Label 3Klang Records 
Total run time
40 min. 
Vö/Release29 / 05 / 2015 
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ER France - Indiepoprockpunkchanson? Already the first tunes from the new album "The Great Escape" make you feel like on a time yourney moderately set back in the early 80s. A time in which the B-52s and other trippy underground bands went in Petticoat on the dance floor of the New Wave and merged it with the glaze of the 60s. The Punk and Wave of the 70s were freed from grime and nihilism, but not from avant-garde, which was topped with melodic catchiness and served with a lot of fun.

On this fourth studio album of the Düsseldorf band with originating from Lyon singer Isabelle Frommer, which gives the English lyrics a slightly French vocal esprit, a funky dance party with trimmed to perfection spontaneity is announced - suitable the very melodic, sexy babydoll voice, slightly reverberant underlain, from languishing until cheeky, accompanied by various great developed guitar ideas.

The songwriting has a touch of punk ("New Lost Generation") in Blondie-style, a few shy reggae elements ("Someone´s Gotta Go"), New Romantic choruses ("In A Freefall"), Chanson with a prog rock guitar solo ("Le Pont Rouge") and a rocker ("Not Even Wrong") as a bouncer.

Always entertaining and tuneful, every song is developed precisely and free of grease. Sharp thing for the next party with retro atmosphere, to dance or for those who prefer to chill out on the sofa and thereby can be delighted of the various 80s music quotations on the album.

1. New Lost Generation 3:31
2. Trapped Bird 4:00
3. No Room For Make-Up 3:26
4. Love Comes, Love Goes 2:53
5. Someone´s Gotta Go 3:37
6. In A Free Fall 3:54
7. Le Pont Rouge 3:55
8. Boy You Should Cry 4:01
9. Like A Genie 2:35
10. An Irrestible Idiot 2:33
11. Carousels 3:44
12. Not Even Wrong 4:53

Andreas Torneberg

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