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Nordward Ho

Titel / Title Rock n Roll Fangfahrt 
Total run time
52 min. 
Vö/Release05 / 2015 
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The Schleswig-Holstein based guys from the rocking Senior league played two years ago a powerful concert with fun and solid rock in the Hamburg Markthalle. Since then Nordward Ho have diligently continued to cobble the stages with their sound, and now they push an album in the offshore market - "Rock`n´Roll Fangfahrt" with North German lyrics between artful ("Maria, Caipirinha") and painful ("Krabbenkutter Blues"). Partly dialect with a pinch of regional Plattdeutsch idiom, which add some heartly charm. Thematically with witty lyrics about little stories, like beads collected along the coast. Guaranteed un-global local flavor pure.

So cast off, Ship Ahoy, what could expect the listener? The graying fan from the audience from 40+ (according to press release) quickly recognize a certain affinity to the 70s rock`n´roll productions of German musician Achim Reichel, danceable, playfully, directly and fresh as a Frisian breeze. The man at the microphone Mike Boller has a strong, surprisingly clear voice; this may be because of the healthy hops-water of the North. Here and there, he tends to vocal eruptions, which scares the gulls from the balcony, in the mix pushed forward (hear "Edeltraut"). Rüdiger Heinze and Jens-Peter Hahn on guitars take care with electrifying solos for retro feel. Brother Dieter Hahn on bass provides a solid foundation for the peritoneal-vibration. On drums Mathias Bohnee forms a rather discrete and dry rhythm skeleton; a little more pressure by the mix could have make it more straight .

"Krabbenkutter-Blues" & "Hafenblues" - yes, the good old Blues is bold and merged with coastal scenarios not remained unplayed. With "Tuedelband" follows a genuine Hamburg, in “Plattdütsch” folk song from the beginning of last century, tenderly rocking. "Mittsommer" provides ballad-like, melodic, romantic relaxation after the heated bustle. A real North German Reggae is also on board fittingly - from the region where the Reggae was once invented - called "Norddeutsch" ("North German"). In "Maria Caipirinha" a nice hanseatic accordion is mixed into the fray. And "Das Beste kommt zum Schluss," yes, that´s the name of the catchy bouncer.

Thus, all clear on the steamer. Let the brew hoist in the glas! The album is fun, personal and has humor and warmth, which indeed is no longer taken for granted today. This production was handmade by the band and dragged ashore. The release was celebrated properly on the barque "Grand Duchess Elisabeth" in Elsfleth.

1. Fangfahrt 3:54
2. Krabbenkutter-Blues 6:05
3. Tuedelband 2:51
4. Yes Sir (Alles klar) 4:26
5. Mittsommer 5:41
6. Offene See 3:57
7. Norddeutsch 4:23
8. Maria, Caiprinha 6:26
9. Edeltraut 3:22
10. Hafenblues 4:04
11. Schwermetall 5:54
12. Das Beste kommt zum Schluss 3:44

Andreas Torneberg

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