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Titel / Title De Gjenlevende 
Label Dark Essence Records  
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 

A band from Norway – guess which genre... RIGHT. Yet the duo M. Kristiansen – scream vocals, guitar, bass, and A.B. Lauritzen – clean vocals, bassoon, grand piano, plus drummer Phobos, “borrowed” from Aeternus have dedicated themselves to symphonic / epic/ extreme Folk/Black Metal, and caught STALKER´s attention in a very positive way with their debut already. This is their third release, all in Norwegian, continuing the above-mentioned quality level. Also here they feature various session musicians – sting- and horn quartet – to achieve this epic sinister melodic and partly purely instrumental (Ljós) sound landscape. The focus is laid on melodies, blast beats are sparsely used, and dramatic effects support the concept of this album. The band´s lyricist Jorge Blutaar drew inspiration from Pan-European folklore, ontology, and elegies; his main theme is “the utter dreadfulness” of winter “that haunts both the human mind and body” and “holds every living thing in its grasp”. Therefore, in case summer season gets too hot, just listen to this album and enjoy those pleasant shudders...

Klaudia Weber

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