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Titel / Title The Freak is Alive 
Label Dark Essence Records 
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Basically the words “Iceland” and “Psychedelic-Progressive-Doom” are already enough recommendation for a purchase, but I still want to deliver some more details: Formed in 2003 as an Extreme Black/Death Metal band, this trio (Holaf – Vocals/Bass, Ingvar – Guitar/Vocals, Kristján – Drums), inspired by Isis, Neurosis and Cult of Luna, rather developed into the direction Post Rock/Metal. The debut “Fixation, At Rest” was released in 2010, and after several (festival) gigs all over Europe, they landed a deal with Dark Essence for this second album. Vocalist, bass player and mastermind Holaf is responsible for the entire artwork, which should be seen in context with the music and the lyrics, because it´s not just a concept, it´s an entire world... a trip into the subconsciousness... well, the title says it all... And well, hypnotic choirs and refrains, harmonic-atmospheric parts, then powerful Death/Doom attacks – truly weird but in a positive way. Appealing and exciting!

Klaudia Weber

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