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The Darkness

Titel / Title Last of our Kind 
Label Canary Dwarf Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 

I have to admit that I know THE DARKNESS – probably like many others – only because of their popular songs and I didn’t really follow the band’s career. Therefore, I was very excited and curious about this new album.

It starts off with a spoken intro, then the listener is confronted with a hard cut and guitar sounds that lead to „Barbarian“. A nice way to start this rocking album. The track immediately shows what to expect from this record: solid rock sound, paired up with a tad bit of glamour here and there, when it comes to the versatile vocals.

Not less heavy they continue with „Open Fire“ - the excellent guitar passages really give the song a special touch, and they also fit nicely to the high-pitched vocals. Besides these two stand-alone characteristics, the song is hard to get out of your mind and it is not even the strongest one of this album.

Last of our Kind is not only the album´s title track, it also (at least in my eyes) is a really cool song and also shows bits and pieces of the “old” The Darkness sound – especially, when it comes to the vocal parts. The song features a nice mix of heavy and quieter passages, which are connected seamlessly.

With „Wheels of the Machine“, the band has created a song that seems to be far more thoughtful than the rest of album´s tracks. Less speed, softer vocals and a less prominent guitar sound make this song fully harmonious and invites you to lay down on your back and close your eyes.

The album comes to an end with Conquerors– and shows, for the last time, that heavier and quieter parts go together nicely in one and the same song, and that well-made instrumental parts don´t make a song seem longer than necessary. The song nearly sounds like an anthem, the way it is carried by the melody – the song clearly sticks to one´s mind!

All in all, THE DARKNESS created an album that really fits into the category of “better than average” rock albums. I had expected to listen to something totally different – crazy, wild – and was positively surprised about the serious touch the band´s music can also have and thus, I really enjoyed this album. Folks, who only have “I believe in a thing called love” on their minds, when hearing the band name, should definitely go and get this album – because here, the band shows how versatile they really are.

Tips: Barbarian // Last of our kind // Conquerors

Carina Ullmann

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