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Titel / Title Babymetal 
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Babymetal – that´s three teenage girls from Japan, who could be the next big thing in their homeland. Babymetal is a phenomenon that wows not only celebs like Kirk Hammet, Slash and Sam Totman and Herman Li (Dragonforce). Babymetal - is this the future of Metal music?!?!

One thing is for sure, Babymetal will polarize the Heavy Metal scene in Europe. This is because of their extreme usage of synthesizers and electronic beats and because of the fact that the high Japanese vocals often remind the listener of animé series. Those two elements will be hard to stomach for traditional Metal fans. And, to be quite honest, it is also the biggest drawback for me.

But I have to admit that one or the other melody and chorus on “Babymetal” does work well. And I also have to mention that there are some songs without the mentioned elements (e.g. “Babymetal Death” and “Road to Resistance”), and which sound much more like typical Metal music. Anyway, I cannot recommend this one, in good conscience, to any traditional headbanger. Maybe it is more for people, who like Pop and Dance music in combination with electric guitars.

Timo Päßler

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