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Titel / Title Black President 
Label WormHoleDeath Records 
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Black President is the second album of the multi-cultural band, Tornado. In 2011, the band released its debut album titled Amsterdamn-Hellsinki, now, four years later, follows Black President. The guys simply play the music they like to play and itīs mostly based on singer Joey Superstar Severanceīs inspiration. Themes like politics or war but also 9/11 are not unusual for Thrash Metal but Tornado also sing about crime tv shows, discrimination, bullying, drugs, band reunions or music downloads – those are the topics singer and songwriter Joey takes his inspiration from. The songs help him to let off steam. And this time, it works even better than on the previous album. Musicwise, one can, again, expect great guitar solos and drums. When it comes to playing their instruments, Tommy, Tim, Henry and Niko do a great job. For me, it is hard to judge Thrash Metal bands because I donīt really feel at home in this genre but I think the guys from Tampere do their stuff quite well. I surely heard worse bands. For now, the album is only available in digital form but Iīm sure there will be a physical copy sooner or later. So, listen to it.

Sandy Mahrer

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