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Titel / Title Black Orleans 
Label Hell Awaits 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 

„Black Orleans“ is the fourth album from Q-Box from Germany. Since 2001, Q-Box have plaeyed Pentenridian Heavy Metal. You don´t know what that is? You´ve never heard of the band before? Me neither. So, let´s see what they have to offer. Their music is a mix of all modern metal styles, making their music quite diverse. The listener can look forward to great solos and songs with a lot of power - all in all, there´s some good songwriting on “Black Orleans”. It´s all very melodic and surely a treat for friends of melodic “death” bands like Sonic Syndicate or Amaranthe. There´s, however, a bit less Death and no high-pitched female vocals, which is a good thing. Düsti´s voice is perhaps not huge, when it comes to range, but, especially in the melodic choruses, it sounds pretty nice. In the heavier parts, his voice lacks some harshness but it´s not that bad. He can surely work on it or perhaps leave it for the next record. All in all, the record wont stay in your mind for a long time and it´s not even something totally new but it certainly is a pleasant way to spend your time.

Sandy Mahrer

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