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Titel / Title Cult 
Label Massacre Records 
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After three years of waiting, CULT, the seventh studio album from Finnish band, TO/DIE/FOR, is ready to be released. Once formed under the name Mary-Ann, the band had their international breakthrough after the turn of the millennium as TO/DIE/FOR. Unfortunately, it almost came a bit late, as the Gothic wave started to ebb away and Death Metalís popularity rose. In the recent past, Mary-Ann was brought back to life with almost the complete original line-up. The guys played a few shows in Finland ( Stalker reported ) but sadly, it didnít work out and so, they concentrated again on writing songs for TO/DIE/FOR.

All I can say is: this was a good decision. Surely, I would have expected a few more tracks than 8 (or 9 on the digipak) but these nine songs are simply excellent. When their long-time member, Antza Talala, left the band I thought this would take the wind out of the bandís sails but bassist, Eza Viren, took over his guitar parts and Samuel Schildt became the bandís new bassist. Surprisingly, this new line-up managed to bring back the old passion of the first few records. Exactly this passion was missing on Samsara, for instance. Adding a more modern touch, the guys also connected their sound with the here and now, still staying true to their style. Their music has changed, yes, but itís clear that they are some of the most talented guys in the biz.

This album should get them the attention from the rest of Europe they deserve. And it should finally get them back on European stages, filling clubs and arenas with their music. I keep my fingers crossed. For me, this record is well-done from A to Z. If there were only a few more songs on it...

Sandy Mahrer

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