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Titel / Title Lies 
Label RAR / Motor Entertainment 
Web www.felineandstrange.com
Total run time
40 min. 
Vö/Release19 Juni 2015 
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The unusual nature of this album begins with the presentation - from the outside an ordinary cardboard case, unfolds when opening inside a surprising folding structure that contains the CD. That the trained singer Feline Lang has an operatic background, you can hear immediately - the clear strictness of the powerful voice, the desire for long-drawn melodies and the expiratory tremolo give the album beginning with "Cry" something theatralic, in the chorus like from a 60s 007 movie. The restrained, but very pointed instrumentation of multi-variant percussion, cello, bass and piano develops exciting and playful ideas.

"Telling Me" is very narrative and in its way something like electric chamber music including a classical Cello. Followed by the melancholic ballad "Hurt", which is supported by the mood of a lyrical piano and culminates in a beautifully played solo cello. Enough of the classic, here pivots the album with "Somebody Called For You" in jazz; very purist only voice with accompanying sequencies plucked on the cello.

The dreamy "Underwater" mixes water bubbling in the guitar sounds and atmospheric electronics before "Stop Asking" enjoys a fine, quiet thoughtfulness, but the swinging "Real Woman" swept it away as a very rhythmic cello&vocals duet in a live session from the floor. Thematically logically invites the "Big Ass" almost to dance, for the shy to finger snapping, in some cases dramatically, then in a kind of burlesque flirting with cabaret. "May Be" is peppy pop and somewhat reminiscent of the early songs of Kate Bush. The tenth and final song "Lies" is not on this CD; a production error or a deliberate deception according to the title?

The album is very complex, the sound mixed warm and with depth; musically and vocally extremely versatile, hovering between electronic and classical influences, and this connecting with nostalgic flair somewhere between opera, cabaret and jazz, always in the expression like miniatures luxuriating on a theater stage. As audience to imagine could be a Victorian Gothic folks mixed with experimentally interested steampunk followers.

1. Cry
2. Telling Me
3. Hurt
4. Somebody Called For You
5. Under Water
6. Stop Asking
7. Real Woman
8. Big Ass
9. May Be
10. Lies

Feline Lang – vocals/synths
Christoph Klemke – cello/percussion
Marc André Haller – bass/chapman stick
Jesse Platts – piano
Brian Viglione - drums

Andreas Torneberg

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