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Titel / Title Electric Blood 
Label Earache Records 
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These guys, hailing from Atlanta, release, with „Electric Blood“, their debut album, full of finest Punk´n´Roll. Even though the band has already been active since 2009, we only now hear of them and I wonder WHY? Their songs hit the nail on the head. Great lyrics and kick-ass songs that just make you want to sing along and headbang. I guess, the guys were just born at the wrong time and that´s why they wish themselves back to the year 1979, just like in the eponymic song, to revolutionize Rock´n´Roll. The album of the quartet, fronted by singer Tuk, contains ten songs. He has a very unique voice that fits perfectly to the sound and hence, he puts the cherry on every song´s cake. Here and there, you might hear the punk influences but, as always with US music, everything is a bit more commercial – just think about all those metal bands. Actually, I wouldn´t be surprised if one of their songs will be the new surfer boy anthem of Miami Beach. All in all, Electric Blood is an awesome debut and I hope that many more records will follow.

Sandy Mahrer

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