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Big Wreck

Titel / Title Ghost 
Label Anthem/Warner 
Total run time

The band has been around since 1990 and the album, which was released in the US and Canada already in 2014, now makes its way to European record store shelves. Throughout their long career, Big Wreck have been facing some troublesome times. Little success, due to a lacking marketing, forced them to split up but in 2010, they got back together to rock even harder.

“A Place to Call Home” is the opening track and kicks off the album with distorted sounds, only after a third of the song has passed, some vocals emerge. It´s a pretty well-done start of the album but I think the soft and shallow sound does not show what the guys are really capable of. At the end of the album is a short “reprise” version of the song and to be honest, this acoustic version of a tiny part of the song would put a smile on my face as a full track.

“My Life” has a somewhat swinging sound; the instruments nicely carry the edgy and versatile vocals throughout the whole song. It is a piece of music that really invites you to listen to it again and again, simply because it has so much charisma and sticks to the mind.

Mystic and melancholic, this is how “War Baby” starts off, only to transform into a rockier song, which, keeps its soft touches nevertheless. I like the atmosphere they created here and the edgy vocals, with its rough edges. The only downside is that, at times, the vocals are too much in the back for my taste, being pushed back by the way too bombastic instrumental sounds.

Big Wreck´s album, which finally is released in Europe, clearly shows that the wheel does not need to be reinvented to roll well. The songs are catchy and have their charm, although here and there, the instrumental passages make the songs longer than they need to be, the tension is lost. Vocal-wise, the album has its own character, thanks to the edgy and rough voice of Ian Thornley. All in all you can say – great album, even though, at least for me, the certain something is missing and thus, “Ghost” does not receive the full amount of points.

Must-plays: My Life / Break / War Baby

Carina Ullmann

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