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Titel / Title Highest Hopes - The Best Of Nightwish 
Label Universal 
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Nightwish, Nightwish, and then some more Nightwish... The name alone is a guarantee to great success. Whatever these Finns do, it simply works. Therefore it's not so surprising that record companies flock around this band to try and get their hands on a share of the money machine. In front of me I have "Highest Hopes", a best-of-album. Hmm, that sounds quite familiar. Exactly. A few months ago there was a label change from Drakkar to Nuclear Blast and they did the traditional farewell-best-of-album, "Tales From The Elvenpath", on which funny enough the song from the title was missing and of which the composition as a whole was quite weak. However that may be, after the Finns released their latest album "Once", which went silver on the day it was released and has sold over 900.000 copies to date, Universal is also releasing a best-of-album. That's a little bit disappointing... If you get the impression that I feel a slight resentment, you are wrong! It's simply the overcommercialisation that annoys me - the band and their skills are not in question, musically there is nothing negative to be said about "Highest Hopes". Universal has managed to put together a good mixture, the new hits are also represented. An excellent way to have a short look at the entire creative history of Nightwish. From „Wishmaster“, „“Nemo“, „Bless The Child“, to „Over The Hills And Far Away“, “Sleepwalker“ and „ She Is My Sin“, everything a fan of the genre could ask for. This album shows once again what this brilliant band have accomplished so far. Listening tip: "Sleeping Sun 2005". Front lady Tarja sings this romantic classic very pronouncedly, yet softly. Magnificent.

Jasmin Froghy

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