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Titel / Title Begin The Celebrations Of Sin 
Label Dynamic Arts Records 
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„A lobotomy is a neuro-chirurgic procedure where nerve strings between Thalamus and frontal brain are cut. After a lobotomy personality changes regarding motivation and emotional life will occur.” Such an obscure brain operation introduces the debut album of those five Finns from Helsinki. Naturally exercised with a Christian cross, otherwise it won´t be fun. Frankly, Sear lyrics are not suitable for sensitive souls, but this is what you can expect from a satanic band like this. The style shifts between Black and Death, sometimes it´s just blast beat so you could even believe what those screeches and growls say, sometimes it´s almost like a tune performed by guitar or voice. Well, just almost. The last track „Viimeinen Voitelu“ (the last sacrament) might be kind of funny because of Finnish lyrics, otherwise it´s a bit too much cliche. But fans of this genre should check it out, e. g. the tracks „Lobotomy With A Crucifix“, „Scythe Of Blasphemy“.

Jasmina Schreck, translation: Klaudia Weber

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