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Mars Volta, The

Titel / Title Frances The Mute 
Label Universal Records 
Total run time
Vö/Release21 Feb 2005 
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We probably never understand this band. But for what for? Isn’t it most important a band create something unique. Shure the 2 touseld-heads did it already with their predecessor. Do you remenber? At-the-drive-in. Right, that’s the band who made music which you understood first in its complex five years later.

The predecessor album was also a milestone and some people still carry ist musical load.

Now the new epic. Nothing got more simple, on the contrary! You find on this album 5 (!) songs catigorised like it is usual for classical music or opera. It is almost impossible to pronounce the names of the songs but isn’t it about the music basically? „Unique , marvellous and with a lovely complex it fits the best.

Hard stuff in a more than genious packaging. This epic is developping ist blossoms after a certain period of time. Only the fact that I will probably understand everything at first within a year, justifies half a point deduction.

Peter Kupfer

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