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Titel / Title Schlachtwerk  
Label Massacre Records  
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Eisregen are dead, long live Eisblut. Bursche Lenz and M.Roth have searched some new companions and stylistically continue to Eisregen in “Krebskolonie” time. Conspicuous is the often used clear voice which makes the material various and fits great to the quite parts between the grindparts. Ok, the lyrics are still a matter of taste, but who didn’t liked them in times of Eisregen, would not like them now neither. Also it would be the same concerning the cover of a song from the great Spongebob movie. Hints are “Sag: Ich Will Tot Sein”, “Schlachtwerk” and “Wiegenlied Vom Totschlag” . Not only for Eisregen fans a must also for Death fans who are not averse to the degeneracy.

Matthias Lohse

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