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Titel / Title Hard Times Are In Fashion 
Label Motor 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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The new Koufax Album "Hard Times Are In Fashion", released by Motor, doesnīt just give insights into the musical tastes of the band but also tells something about their courage. Their political statements, wrapped up in stylistically wonderful lyrics, will surely help to keep this band in mind, except from their catchy tunes. Obviously inspired by "The Smiths" and the uniqueness of this bandīs vocalist Morrissey, this CD sounds much more British than the previous album "Social Life". Koufax singer and lyric writer Robert Suchan openly admits that. Other influences are equally obvious, e. g. The Cure and Steely Day, but Koufax do not copy, they are a rare band who knows how to interpret, vary and combine stuff that usually isnīt combined, and thus create their own style.

This 40:02 min Album swings, and the guys managed to follow their own style consequently without sounding dull. The opener "Why Bother At All" rocks whereas the following songs are rather Pop. In those bad times for the USA now, Koufax would rather like to deny their origins ("Colour Us Canadian"), this export from overseas is honestly welcome. Letīs hope that they often get a chance to leave their less loved fatherland to please us here with their live presence.

Lisa Bruchwitz, translation: Klaudia Weber

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