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Titel / Title American Apathy 
Label Artemis Records/Rough Trade 
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If at all than the listener will only know the song with the lovely title „Die Motherfucker Die“ by the dread-locked thrash band Dope. If at all!! Dope is, you see, a self-made band. They do almost everything themselves, meaning that their worldwide distribution and success makes a rather slow progress. And that’s a pity! Because Dope unite the tough-mindedness of Static-X with the morbidity of Marilyn Manson and thus create a remarkable sound. This band kicks ass on their new album „American Apathy“ (delivered as a picturesque double CD) and they speak out about politics which was for a long time considered a taboo in America: for example the record is opened with a quote from the American Dubya which is commented with a dry „Go home and die“ by Dope singer Edsel Dope. „American Apathy“ is a nice piece of work, however, it sadly lacks some depths here and there. Nevertheless very convincing, STALKER is trying to get an interview to learn more about this interesting band. (By the way, on the website of Dope you can nicely listen to „American Apathy“).

Andy Kuhn, translation: Kathleen Gransalke

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