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Titel / Title Ruder Forms Survive 
Label Rise Above 
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Geez, what a boring stoner rock product. Admittedly, I´ve never been the biggest stoner rock fan but what Capricorns deliver here is beyond good and evil.

First point of criticism is the singing:
hardly any melody, no variations and annoying.

Point #2: The 4 English seem to be aware of this weakness because there´s no other way to explain why the 7 songs are kept instrumental for the most part. Well-played instrumentals can have a certain appeal but if they entirely go without soli, melody lines and changes I seriously have to ask myself for the meaning of it.

And finally criticism #3:
The sound is only moderate at the best. While the quiet sections that are accompanied by clean guitars sound quite all right, the distorted guitars blast and croak. And now, I get the CD very quickly out of the player...

Timo Pässler, translation: Kathleen Gransalke

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