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Chain Collector

Titel / Title The Masquerade 
Label Massacre Records 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Although the Norwegians from Chain Collector release with „The Masquerade“ their debut album they are not that new to the scene. Thus, musicians from Green Carnation, Trail of Tears and Dismal Euphony are involved in this „all star project“. The mixture, that the musicians who come from very different metal genres settled on, is very interesting. Thus, they present a modern mix of death and thrash which reminds of Soilwork or Mnemic. Especially remarkable is the singing that changes between growls and clean vocals. It´s also great that there´s no hardcore riffing but the musicians also take their foot from the gas and give the listener some downtime. What this album lacks is the catchiness. Even with thrash and death is not that bad if there´s here and there a verse or chorus that sticks to your brain. All in all, however, a proper debut!

Timo Pässler, translation: Kathleen Gransalke

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